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Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Stonecreek Golf Club is located in Phoenix, Arizona at the gateway to Paradise Valley. The course recently re-opened after a great "overseed" process. In the winter, with the

cooler temperatures, the bermuda grass will turn a light brown color. In order to make the course more attractive, rye grass is seeded over the bermuda grass creating beautiful, lush playing conditions. The re-seeding at Stonecreek was a tremendous success and the course is now open and ready for you to play.


According to the Scorecard, Hole number 6 at Stonecreek Golf Club is the hardest hole on the course. While not the longest hole on the is fraught with peril. From the large bunker that looms on the right side of the fairway to the green complex surrounded with potential double bogies. Strategic placement is at a premium on every shot if you want to leave this hole with a good score.


Tee shot placement is the key to playing this hole well. The green on 17 runs at a diagonal making the best approach angle the left side of the fairway. While the green does not have any bunkers, there are plenty of green complex challenges. The green is well elevated leaving difficult green side shots that are often "short sided". "Short sided" pen placements make it very difficult to get your shot close...usually running well past the hole. In my opinion, the premium on tee shot placement cannot be emphasized enough. A well placed tee shot will create an easier approach shot strategy.

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